Pump Piping Accessories – Series TDV, FPC, PSD & BFV


  • Series TDV Triple Duty Valves are combination pump discharge valves functioning as a shut-off check, and calibrated flow balancer.
  • Series PSD Suction Diffusers reduce space and cost by replacing a long radius elbow, strainer, and extended entry pipe on the suction side of the pump.
  • Series SFC Standard Flex Connectors and Series RFC Reducing Flex Connectors decrease piping stress due to minor misalignment and pressure variations. Series RFC Reducing Flex Connectors eliminate the need for a resizing connection.
  • Series BFV Butterfly Valves isolate pumps during maintenance to eliminate the need to drain entire systems. They are effective for on/off, throttling, or isolation service requirements and are designed for dead-end service.

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